Anti-AI Policy

Anti AI Policy

Our Stance on Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a common tool for generating written content on many websites. While AI can offer efficiency, at, we choose a different path. We believe that the essence of communication, especially in the realm of minimalism and sustainable living, is inherently human.

The Human Touch on Our Content

AI-generated content often lacks the creative spark, the personal touch, and the deep value that human writers bring to their work. It frequently relies on rewording existing material, inadvertently overlooking the originality and effort of human research and insight.

As you can reflect on our articles and work, we are committed to preserving the human element in all our content. We believe that genuine experiences, personal opinions, and creative expression cannot be replicated by AI. Our content is crafted with passion, personality, and a human perspective that AI simply cannot match.

Why We Avoid AI in Our Work

  • Authentic Experiences: We strive to offer you our personal experiences and provide genuine product reviews based on hands-on testing.
  • Unique Insights: Especially in regards of our interviews with industry experts, we offer you original opinions.
  • Supporting Human Creativity: We prioritize supporting human writers and creatives, valuing their unique contributions to our field.

Our Promise to Our Readers

Our commitment at is to deliver 100% human-written content. Our articles and overall work is a testimony of our believes. We delve deep into research, converse with industry insiders for unique stories, and personally test products to ensure authenticity and unbiased perspectives.

As an independent platform that celebrates and supports human creativity we resist the trend of replacing human talent with AI.

For a Personal, Approachable, and Organic Experience

In an era where digital content often feels impersonal and automated, we aim to build as a space that feels personal, approachable, and distinctly organic. We invite you to interact with us, exchange thoughts and ideas as well as to embrace to common journey of the minimalistic lifestyle.