Minimalist Bullet Journal

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Elevate your writing and sketching experience with our Linen Hard Cover Notebook. Available in smoke gray, light green, and tender pink, this 256-page diary offers both blank and grid pages, perfect for students and professionals alike.

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Introducing our meticulously crafted Notebook with Linen Hard Cover, an essential companion for those who cherish the art of writing, planning, or sketching. Designed with precision and care, this notebook serves as a canvas for your thoughts, ideas, and creativity, making it an indispensable part of your stationery collection.

Elegant Design Meets Functionality:

Our notebook is bound in a high-quality linen hard cover, offering durability and a sophisticated touch. Available in four serene colors – smoke gray, light green, tender pink – it’s designed to inspire and match your personal style. The hardcover protects the pages within, making it sturdy enough to withstand travel and daily use.

Versatile Page Layout for Every Need:

With 256 pages (128 sheets) of 80GSM quality paper, our notebook caters to a variety of needs. Whether you prefer structured planning on grid pages or free-form drawing and writing on blank pages, this notebook offers the flexibility to unleash your creativity. The paper’s weight ensures minimal bleed-through, perfect for use with a wide range of pens and pencils.

Convenient Sizes for Everyday Use:

Available in two sizes, 32k-big (18cmX13cm) and 72k-small (14.5cmX10cm), our notebook is designed to be your go-to for everyday tasks. The larger size is ideal for detailed notes and sketches, while the smaller size is perfect for on-the-go thoughts and reminders.

Eco-Friendly and Student-Friendly:

Crafted with an eco-conscious mind, the linen cover not only adds a touch of elegance but also aligns with sustainable practices. This notebook is an ideal choice for students, artists, and professionals who value quality and sustainability.

Ideal Gift for Stationery Lovers:

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a stationery enthusiast? Our Linen Hard Cover Notebook, with its blend of style, functionality, and quality, makes a perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or any special occasion.


In summary, our Notebook with Linen Hard Cover is more than just a notebook; it’s a space for your personal journey, creativity, and organization. With its elegant design, quality paper, and eco-friendly materials, it’s designed to accompany you through every aspect of your daily life. Choose your favorite color and size, and let this notebook be where your ideas come to life.


light green, tender pink, smoke grey


S (5.7 inch x 3.94 inch), L (7.09 inch x 5.12 inch)


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